Call 2015 bid

The Foundation for the development of the chemistry of natural products and their applications of the Academy of Sciences in Paris, finances this year 5 projects selected by the Scientific Council (SC) of the Foundation at the end of the call for offers 2014. In this context, the recruitment of three PhD students (3 years) and two postdoctoral fellows (1 year) is proposed to join one of the five following projects:

 - Enzymatic synthesis of natural chitin-related bio-stimulators for sustainable agriculture (Project supported by a doctoral thesis directed by Dr. Sébastien Fort CERMAV, UPR CNRS 5301, Grenoble)

- Total synthesis of leucophyllidine (Project supported by a doctoral thesis directed by Prof. Yannick Landais, ISM, UMR CNRS 5255, Bordeaux)

- Asymmetric synthesis of koumine (Project supported by a doctoral thesis directed by Dr. Michael de Paolis, COBRA, UMR CNRS 6014, Rouen)

- Isolation and characterization of new antidiabetic natural substances (Project supported by a postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Dr. Aurélie Urban, LIT, UMR CNRS 7200, Strasbourg)

- "Molecular self-assembly" in confined spaces Application to the biomimetic synthesis of natural products (Project supported by a postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Prof. Erwan Poupon, BioCIS, UMR CNRS 8076, Chatenay-Malabry).

To apply, the applicant(s) will prepare a single file, in English and in pdf format, containing his/her resume, cover letter, in which he/she specifies the project on which on which he/she is applying, and possibly one or two (maximum) support letter(s)


This pdf file will be uploaded on this website before

Monday, May 4th, 2015 midnight (Paris time)


This uploading is a two-step procedure:

1 - Create your personal account to get access
      You will immediately receive an e-mail with an activation link

2 - In the Deposit index, follow the 4 steps to upload your pdf document
      You will immediately receive an e-mail acknowledging your submission

Your application can be modified until the deadline: just click on the pencil icon in front of your file.


The applications will be evaluated by the international scientific council of the Foundation.

The successful applicants will be notified on June 20th, 2015 by e-mail.

The final interview with the recruiting committee will take place on June 29th between 9:30 and 18:30, at the CNRS headquarters, 3 rue Michel Ange, 75016 - Paris (France).

The Foundation will not cover travel expenses to Paris but visioconferences can be arranged with Ms Célia Fricker (




 Crédit photo © CNRS Photothèque / Jérôme FOURNIER

Eponge encroûtante, observée dans le cadre du projet MorpHydroGo, qui consiste à analyser certaines espèces de gorgones de la région des Antilles Françaises, afin de comprendre le lien entre le stress hydrodynamique et la forme spatiale des colonies. L'objectif est de mieux comprendre le rôle de certains traits morphologiques dans la croissance, l'alimentation, voire la dispersion des coraux.

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